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Jan 7, 2016

secret AWESOME archive VIDEO of epic fantasy rock opera staging

Randomly found this AMAZING ORIGINAL EPIC FOOTAGE uploaded onto my google+ account.. which I'm excited about because it's part of the archive that all traces of was removed from existence because of some drama... I won't go into detail other than it didn't involve me in the slightest but was very upsetting for me personally on top of the already completely crippling heartbreak & abandonment but anyways, I'm uploading this here as I have every right to use it as found footage taken by Brad's father who had permission to film his son acting, and I received an okay from Andrea, plus Jeremiah gave me permission to present whatever I have as part of body of my work as an actor on this project and it's part of an era of my life that I will always cherish and be very, very proud of as well!!


This clip begins with acapella choral piece, newly written "Silence and Darkness" sung by lead soprano Andrea A Williams & chorus, a dialogue scene with the Priest and Generals, then the first ever staging of the Fire General as "The Actor" combining the samurai element with a kabuki theater sordid love affair with the shogun's wife (my idea I must claim! since I was never credited for contributing ANYTHING as far as the "official" online history goes where to this day there's no mention of my name except for John the writer credits me for providing photographs before describing how vastly improved the show is now compared to last.. not insulted by that but I do think it's fair that I'm recognized and listed somewhere as THE ORIGINAL CAST!) the intro for "LURE OF THE FLAMES" ~ THE FIRST TIME WE EVER GOT TO USE FIRE ON STAGE ~ Huzzah!! heh.. Cheers :P ~ Asraiya

official website ~

Feb 27, 2015

Staging a Spectacle in Seattle 2015

I realized every time I've ever sat down and made an actual list of goals to achieve within a reasonable time frame, not being overly ambitious, but set it out there on paper.. I've always accomplished them! So one of my goals for this year is to stage a public improvised theatrical stunt or SPECTACLE inspired mostly by the work of NY based group Improv Everywhere.  You've probably heard of by now about the No Pants Light Rail that's happened 4 years in a row in Seattle? Well that's actually in sync with these guys as it's officially a global wide stunt/event. Here is just a tiny little taste of what their thing is all about ~

more videos available HERE!

So far I've considered the possibility of doing a "silent rave or disco", there's a whole slew of successfully tried/tested/and proven ones that the crew has done in NY and we would fully have their permission and endorsement to do.. and I just came across this idea that I absolutely LOVE also coming out of NYC and that's called ShakesBEER which combines 2 of my most favorite things in the world which is traditional Shakespeare & beer! I love how creator Ross Williams explains it here on ~

Might I suggest a rehearsal exercise? After every line add “Amiright?” and address it to someone in the room. “To be, or not to be, that is the question. Amiright?”

How they do it is they sell tickets in advanced so they have a controllable # of participants that probably helps sell it to bar owners but basically it's a pub crawl with a different act or scene performed at each bar. That would require a larger more dire hard committed group of helpers who not only must be as excited as me to take on this project but also talented  actors as well so this one might be ambitious at my current state of community though... 

BTW.. if you live around the PNW and you'd like to get involved on one of my projects or have any ideas or thoughts to contribute to creatively sussing out what we should do..


Jul 16, 2014

Free Actors Callboard ~ Seattle Casting Calls

We here at Heartsinspyre Entertainment believe that information should be free! While we respect the right of Juan from Performers CALLBOARD to ask for donations for his time, however having been the director of a low budget production before we know how desperate one can be in seeking artists to fill our casting needs. We don't feel that information should come with a fee between the people who seek it and the people it belongs to and to demand starving artists' pay out of pockets only further alienates the elitism between the non-union, non-fiscal, non-profit, non-grant winning, waiting for the final opportunity to bloom or gain experience and learn community at large. This is just another example of greed causing gentrification. So in the true spirit of capitalism a new list has been made to be owned and operated by the community and will remain FREE FOREVER as no one person will have total control keeping it unbiased and neutral and only moderated for spam. Join us now by sending an email to

Post Casting Calls to

Edit your settings on group home page

Once the list begins to grow an email will be sent out seeking Volunteer Moderators and feel free to make suggestion for improvement (positive only, please) to asraiya at 

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