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Dec 19, 2017

Follow the White Rabbit

“When I used to read fairy tales, I fancied that kind of thing never happened, and now here I am in the middle of one!”

Off with her head!

Oct 11, 2014

The Fall

Feeling down and downright worthless atm.. Seeing online AraKus gearing up to do another big theater run with Aeterno, and all my circus friends plastered all over promo for Freaknight.. and here I am not booked for a single thing yet this month.. browsing Craigslist and all the casting calls for 18-25 yo actresses contemplating becoming an adult film star or work for an escort service since that's all I seem to qualify for. I've burnt all my bridges and been epically blacklisted all for what? For the chance to be loved? That didn't work out at all, it just tore me apart, and left me for dead....

So now dead I walk, breathe, and talk. I'm just a washed out has been. I may as well quit, give up, and be a drug addicted could have been but no such luck.

"At the Autumn Equinox, the time of balance between night and day, the initiate must arrive at a place of balance and from there descend."
~ The Path of the Spiritual Sun by Belsebuub & Angela Pritchard

Why I Hate Using Facebook

The single reason why I absolutely HATE using facebook is it’s unbelievably annoying and constant need to change everything in more often th...