Dec 30, 2014


*venting..extra long poetic justice rant warning* 

beep. beep. beep. beep. beep......

Corporations are not people and even people don't have the right to fuck you up the ass on a gd holiday! A brand new customer who hadn't set up their bill payment system yet.. bill past due as of xmas day, 5 days later (1 after I returned home from the desert), the day before NYE, internet cuts out while I'm trying to pay it online!! there's an additional $5 charge to pay by phone and $25 to turn it back on?? No sir, that is not acceptable!! you do not get to fuck me over before I've even had a chance to log into my account. they bill for the upcoming month, not the month you've already received service so at 6 weeks my bill has 3 mo. of charges w/2 past due. I did not know this. golly fucking gee, now I do!! k can I take a shower now and check my email before my gig tomorrow? Nope, 24 hours to be restored. 

yay. still century link is better than wave. ISP's are not people and even people don't expect other people to pay future bills they don't know about on Dec. 30th!! why do we let them treat us this way? brand new customers?! they need to do a teddy bear cancer kid adopt-a-spca pony PR campaign asap because americans don't like bully bigot bastard politicians that fuck other women without their verbal consent so it's time we react to them as the terrorist holding our lives hostage with the shittiestly hostile customer service, excessive fees, dishonest deals that they truly are! (ever get a bill from an ISP that was for the same amount you were told it was going to be? never! always a promo or contract rate you weren't informed of plus a modem rental fee in this case $8 a month and it appears I have a 2 year contract I'm unaware of so total of $192 for a modem I still won't own that should only cost me like $39 one time payment if not complimentary) they should be throwing those modems off of floats at the rose bowl parade since they own the fucking stadiums! yeah, go Seahawks at the sold out Century Link field... Football, the most effective squirrel tangent ever built on the planet by the corporations holding us hostage through our smartphones, pc, hd tv's, and must go hoot and holler like we're not even people with the reasonable right to not be fucked while we're watching football games with our families for our one and only holiday from fighting for money all year long... even God takes the backseat to football on our supposed religious holiday which makes me wonder who the hell is running things since He used to not tolerate the worship and chanting of balls and Bulls if I remember my Bible studies..) even in times of war amongst nations fighting for the right to be free, people know how to lay it down one day a year in the name of good will. corporations have no good will towards men, no respect for God, no need to even say thanks for shopping with us happy holidays, go hawks :) smile and connect because they hold our connections hostage or so they think. 12th man should be yelling at God for dropping the ball in this game, I think. but that's just me.... let's go party and drink! 

happy new thing 🍻🔚

© asraiya 2014

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