May 18, 2016

Addiction is a chronic disease because the recovery is invisible

Addiction is a chronic disease because the recovery is time is longer than mending broken bones, while the brain healing process of recovery is completely invisible. People think of recovery as just the detox process and afterwards you're "normal" again but what they don't realize is you're only half normal, without the drug you are now only capable of thinking as fast as a tired, cranky teen and your body keeps walking into walls and can't keep up with you. This is why rehabs are so long but they are also very isolating, this damages patients ability to form community bonds which they will have to later rely on. Having a network of support is critical to successful recover, this everyone agrees upon so why is building an understanding & aware community of the science on recovery seem to be a missing step or branch of this tree? Replaced by stigmatism and further isolation as AA is suppose to be the healthy community support while it brain washes people into societal class submissions of "addicts" and "normies", which serves no purpose but to dehumanize victims of the pandemic to never gain functional recovery as connection to community is once agin crucial to effective recovery. Addicts are taught to be invisible so they fester together like lepers instead of encouraged to integrate towards a more positive surrounding of companions and possibilities.  

The opposite of addiction is connection. I think the connection to alcoholism and the blatant denial of stage 4 alcoholism is what gives recovery a death sentence but addicts can recover! Where there's a will there's a way, not to be cliche, but by all means!! 93/93/93

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