Feb 21, 2018

Why I Hate Using Facebook

The single reason why I absolutely HATE using facebook is it’s unbelievably annoying and constant need to change everything in more often than not failed attempts of improving user growth or gain competitive edge despite always being on top. It’s entirely too unpredictable and is irritating to no end when you grow to count on using a platform to market your business, but can’t count on your plans being fulfilled from day to day because every single day you have to brace yourself for change and waste a tremendous amount of could be productive time on re-educating yourself on how to use the site. It’s entirely too complicated because it tries to keep absorbing every new social media format made which has made it entirely too useless & time consuming, especially when all the time invested in something like gaining page likes gets thrown out the window to be replaced by groups. Actually groups was the thing that began to make me start checking out and I’ll explain precisely why in a min here.

What facebook 100% has failed to realize about the success of its competition is that simplicity and consistency outweighs features and functions. Facebook started out a streaming site almost exactly like twitter who’s success is based on merely the fact that it stayed true to its original format and made minimal changes over time. Facebook then in order to siphon user away from myspace integrated the personal page minus html options which I still think is lame btw.. Yes, it did indeed stage a coup and has been trying to replicate that same phenomenon much like Amazon has taken over the retail industry which it can’t and won’t ever achieve because we’re increasingly getting bitter by the audacity. We go to twitter, snapchat, instagram, tumbler etc. to escape facebook for at least a moment of mental sanity because they’re simple one trick ponies which is surprisingly refreshing! Where facebook once was a service that helped connect us with people like by hosting event pages for free, it now requires more and more time spent in isolation trying to process all this homework it’s made. Have to go to 100 different group pages and comment on a dozen different original posts and try to maintain a million different conversations all at once while remaining chipper and friendly aka likeable is overwhelming af. We’re consumer hostages like rats in a maze being experimented on which is why I refuse to log on more than once a week and my profile holds a disclaimer saying I don’t bother trying to keep up with notifications and won’t feel bad for it either. Not worth stressing! Suck it. Peace. 

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