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Mar 21, 2017

Freelance Nightmares

So supposedly we have a new world order in the job market and methods of seeking income in trade for your skills and services. Sure, I have been a "private contractor" for awhile now getting hired to be a performer at parties or provide entertainment services or working as a brand ambassador or hired by temp agencies. This has been all fine and dandy however when I started a few weeks ago looking to supplement this meager income that's earned me no more than $10 grand a year EVER so that I might actually break out of mere starving artist status, IT HAS BEEN A FREAKING NIGHTMARE!!!

First of all there's tons of bloggers out there who live off of affiliate income and will affiliate with anyone. It's actually a lot easier and likely more profitable to just sign up as an affiliate and start recommending and funneling traffic towards a website from the millions of desperately seeking searchers online just like myself. Just because a blogger (or writer/reporter since there's no difference between news and "news") says that something pays people for doing things certainly does not mean it will nor that the blogger tested that aspect before saying it. So far from my experiences the majority that do actually pay you, only pay you pennies or are completely flooded with decently skilled workers living in India where pennies may work out to be of some actual value in currency exchange. In America where even the lowest minimum wages are $5 an hour which is still not anywhere close to substantial compared to cost of living, these are scams! Slavery has been abolished already...

I'm going to start blogging about each and every experience so that if you are like me then perhaps I can serve you with a warning to avoid them! None of us like wasting our time. 

Stress kills and this overwhelming feeling I get every day that passes me by that I have not achieved my goal of simply having more money coming in than going out of my bank account is not improving.

scam #1: Spare5
This one was recommended in a book I found on Amazon called Active Income Streams and as you can see after a good long hard evening I have earned myself 61 cents.

scam #2:
Now this one I found surprising! I used this site to hire some Indian graphic designers and bought my logo, some posters, and other really cool designs from people before so I when I decided to give it a shot and turn the tables from being a cheap American starving artist/business owner to an "okay I'm really fucking starving now" freelancer willing to do just about anything for work it was not so pleasant. I got hit up to be a webcam girl aka "special chat friend ;)" on skype for $250 and #suckit I mean #shutup when I hit accept figuring that every hiring person would be as kind as I was when I offered to pay the runners up in my logo contest consolation prizes.. so nothing bad could happen if we just discussed stuff in sorta person, right? Wrong. I immediately received a notification from paypal that I PAID FREELANCER -$25!? Yup. Apparently they just go right on ahead and collect their 10% commission on your future to be completed and then approved and then transferred and hopefully released to you income!! Get this too ~ an employer can delete a job listing/offer for $5 so in theory you could potentially do the work or chat porn thing and then go to collect your completed payment and it's long gone leaving you with nothing to even try to dispute that you are owed. Omfg, and no.. this did not happen to me because I was already freaking out about my lunch money being gone to pick up my skype calls. I'm just sick that I'm going backwards and decided to quit for the night and write a blog instead.

PS. There's no affiliate codes in this blog entry but I think there's ads on my blog that have earned me a grand total of maybe 40 cents in the time it's existed so don't click em if you don't want me to get a fraction of a penny from google or amazon. Cheers ~

Mar 10, 2016

Dear exclusive talent agency

Dear greedy bastards aka my Former Talent Agent,

  After a long heartfelt consideration, I have decided to sever my association with the agency due to the fact that I am unwilling to sign and adhere to the agency's new contract terms at this time. I intend to seek out and acquire new representation that does not request me to sign an exclusive contract as the only viable option for me financially is to remain able to seek out work on my own in order to cover my living expense. Given the fact that my talent is my only means of earning a living and my income does not exceed my minimum requirements, I can not afford to pay commission fees on work I find myself nor hand over sole responsibility of seeking & acquiring it until such time that paid work is either in abundance & consistently available in the area or my rate of pay has been negotiated & increased to a level that would warrant an exclusive arrangement like if I were to meet SAG requirements. Basically it doesn't make sense for me to be exclusively starving and homeless while having to pay for the privilege of a public portfolio listing while not keeping all earnings that come as a result of the investment. As a business, there doesn't seem to be any benefit in the arrangement as it merely agrees that I have to pay for all costs while giving up a percentage of the return on my investment on top of serving as a commodity being bought and sold by the agency since the contract would have me agree to pay commission even when the agency receives a fee for providing personnel services on top of earning affiliate income on sales of the overpriced casting website listing meaning you invest absolutely nothing into me and profit off me threefold. I'm saddened to be told this is industry standard as it appears to be economically a step backwards towards slave ownership rather than an industry that could surely afford to provide honest living wages for the labor and love of talent. 
*********************************yikes! 😬

Revised version after getting my emotions in check:

Dear Talent Agent,

  After a long heartfelt consideration, I have decided to sever my association with (agency's name) due to the fact that I am unwilling to sign and adhere to the agency's new contract terms at this time. I intend to seek out and acquire new representation that does not require an exclusive arrangement as it's the only viable option for me financially until such time that my earnings are equal to my means and needs. I appreciate the service that you offer and the need to maintain a profitable business but as I also consider myself a business as your contract suggests, I do not find that the benefits outweigh the costs for me personally so it would be unwise for me to agree to those terms. I wish you nothing but the best moving forward and thank you sincerely for the knowledge and experience I have gained from my first dealings with an agency. (This is starting to sound like a dear John letter..) You'll always be my first! <3 Thank you ever so kindly. :)


This is the nicest and politest I'm able to be out of respect for what's known as "professionalism". Thank gawd I do have a sense of preservation! However I'm publishing it to the interwebs in hopes that it will enlighten other aspiring actors saving them from literally the toils and torment as I described that I had to go through being unable to find advice from others in a similar position as no one else is willing to speak out for fear of retaliation as everyone is told that your reputation will make or break you in the industry and its very easy to be blackballed. I look to those who's work and careers I most respect and say that I beg the differ!! None of the greats have ever forged their way by playing it safe. On the contrary, they made intelligent decisions at each and every critical moment. When they found something not working out for them, they changed it! How else do you expect to break out of background? Yeah, seriously! I was being asked to be an exclusive background actor (extra) if you can believe it... woosh

Namaste. 🙋🏻

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