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Jan 27, 2018

It is not okay to HATE Feminists!!

I sometimes feel like I really am living in the Emerald City, not the pleasant nickname of Seattle, but in the merry land of Oz populated by mostly midgets because this world we all are living in now is not the same one I grew up in. πŸ’ Sure, I've been an adult for 20 years and in those 20 years technology has changed just about everything but for the most part it has brought the human race closer towards a general consensus about certain things such as this declaration written in 1848:
We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men and women are created equal; that they are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
Living on Earth approx. 40 years ago in the USA one thing was adamantly taught to us children and made perfectly clear to me: Women are equal to Men and are to be treated with respect and dignity. So why or how all of a sudden now in 2018 I'm told by one of my tinder matches that he's "not interested in feminists." 😐 Is this part of the Russian brainwashing that managed to get Trump elected? I don't care how much you might hate Hilary Clinton for whatever reason, she was not at all campaigning on a platform of feminism! I have to say I respect her for that because she too thought that would have been backwards and her actual real experience in politics would stand for itself. Apparently not because any man right now would launch into some crooked corruption rhetoric which will be funny once Mueller's investigation is done and we all know just how crooked Trump is. Maybe they both are/were? Doesn't matter! It was a year ago.

compliments of 

When the term feminism first entered English toward the mid-19th century, it meant “feminine qualities or character,” a sense no longer in use. (Its companion term, feminist, also entered the language around that time, but it is not certain whether it was then used to mean anything other than “feminine or womanly.”)However, toward the end of the 19th century, both feminism and feminist unambiguously took on their modern meanings related to equal rights for women.

To say that you hate feminist is saying you won't tolerate a woman standing up for her personal rights: the right to be the only one who says what she can and can't do with her body throughout the course of her life. Women are not men's property like a pet or a slave to use and control! Women should also be paid equal to men because gone are the days of hard manual labor where it could maybe have been said woman are less productive in lifting large objects. Anyone sitting on their ass staring at a computer all day for work is no more or less superior for having a penis attached. Men don't want a test comparison in productivity between genders anymore because you know you would be shamed but women don't wish to harm your fragile egos! They just want an equal chance at the pursuit of happiness if they're going to have to go the whole way alone and not work together with an equal partner which is looking like it lately πŸ˜”πŸ’”...

This brings me to dating but no, finishing politics first. There seems to be this perception of a hairy armed hippie chic from the 70's or bull dyke lesbian man hater in the eyes of straight hetero cis men (gay guys will just giggle at you if you look to them for back-up and maybe say "ew!" but they mean that differently than you'd assume..) I am not going to get into abortion here other than to say that it is used to divide women from those who realize God is obviously not going to intervene when it comes to our life here on Earth and when you are poor struggling to eat and have somewhere to live, you know sometimes in order to survive you have to make decisions for what you emotionally & physically can handle. If you are being abused by a man whom you fear may kill you and pregnant with his child, the smartest choice for your survival is escape with no ties to him at all so that you have the full support of the law behind you. Everyone knows that child legally binds you to a person for 18 years unless they waive their own rights or have them removed by a court of law. Both options are extremely hazardous to either your emotional and/or physical safety especially if you can barely feed yourself and can only stay somewhere if you're quiet and not annoying anybody. πŸ˜©πŸ™…

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There have been a very small handful of ultra conservative politically or religiously motivated women who have claimed under pressure of men most likely, or their party to say they are not "feminist" which means they are Stepford Wives. Seriously! This does not make it okay to try to be divisive on the word "feminism" which once again means "having the characteristics associated with females" as in being into girly stuff. It's okay for you to say you didn't play with dolls and you don't wear pink but it's not okay to say on a dating site where you're trying to persuade women to at the very least have sex with you that you hate women who wear pink and you're not interested in them if they're into it.


Do you think that the world will honestly be a better place if we go back to the days when women are owned by their husbands and you only get the one and that's it but they will do whatever you want them to do without any game? If you want "variety" you have to go fight another one's husband so no more bro-mances, you're mortal enemies in defending your fortress you had to build by yourself with your hands... See! Women's equality isn't so bad now, is it? πŸ™†✌

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Feb 3, 2017

Defining Fringe Theater or Art in General

When my insomnia turns or decides to try and be productive and DO something, this is what happens: 

All while trying to write a new business description for Heartsinpyre Entertainment, I wondered if "fringe" might be a good new buzz word #hashtag to describe our services since we are not a big top circus, nor theater company, nor catering service... but now I'm considering re-writing or writing an edit for the wikipedia article for "fringe theatre" because the one I found that currently exists is completely biased sounding and vastly incorrect to the best of my own personal knowledge, understanding, and experience which of course could be incorrect...?

From what I understand, using the term "fringe" to describe any artist, artistic form or format (theater, film, dance, sculpture, etc), art piece/product/ production or event and even when including a collection such work (fringe festival) means it is anything adding to the periphery of mainstream. The term is reserved for works inspired by a form but not held to that form in every aspect of it's traditionally known restraints in that of structure, staging, content, creation, character, flow, format or follow through, dialogue or delivery, principle or purpose, and particularly that of participating entities be they part of the contributing body or audience receiving in terms of role, idea, education, expression, compensation, and level of experience. Fringe theater can be all plot, and no story line.. Waiting for Godot fits this precisely. Or fringe theater may lack a script, a stage, a character, a cause, a concept, or purpose which doesn't mean it is less than what was meant by it. Lacking safe solid traditional structure does not automatically mean it was produced by bad artists, or strictly amateurs, nor under funded companies, nor poorly screened art collectives. The writer or the found wiki page seems to think "fringe theatre" is like "community theatre" only without auditions so anybody can play a role and get paid even less for doing it which of course is possible in theater it's called a "stipend".

In short "fringe" is anything on the outskirts of mainstream. 

It's not the main freeway but a contributory stream. It's not opening on Broadway, but it is musical theater in a box with an imaginary 4th wall or people may not sing at all because that's realistic which may or may not add or subtract to its entertainment value and fanatical or financial success or sudden death. Just think once upon a time some crazy person thought what if we miniaturized the *theatre stage and multiplied them into take home mini-boxes. Yup, television was fringe once and it had nothing to do with budget limits, bad writing, bad plots, bad concepts that fail to congeal or turn into mush we call abstract art. Not by a long shot! It was just fringe entertainment possibilities outside the realm of mainstream theatre that didn't stick to a traditional theatre format when it changed mediums because it evolved. Radio, however didn't change story telling from single read novels or playwright read scripts. Honestly the writer of the subject wiki link seems to only think in terms of "festivals" which makes me believe they're an amateur film director instead of having anything to do with theatre or else they're a union grip. My reason for this is personal experience with trying to write/direct/and stage my own production and coming to the conclusion that it's impossible to get an art grant unless you're already rich enough to not need it and bored enough to start your own non-profit to pool your wealth into exorbitant corporate shaped systems where you develop volunteer programs to save you money on paying artist so you can employ a herd of non-acting union workers because you think in terms of building railway lines and not in connecting people with art. Employees of bureaucracies seem to focus solely on finding it in their budget to hire an assistant to their work for them which was given to them by their superior who was never assigned to do anything for the City but the budget of the department. How many people does it require to comprise of an art festival jury or to determine the winner of an annual grant? Why do I get a weekly newsletter about non-profit art organizations that only issue one grant per year but constantly announce new program titles and administrative hires to over see them which typically requires them to hire a social media intern, marketing assistant, blah blah blah.. communications specialist to write a new newsletter about all the meetings and conventions they are having for admins to talk about more hashtag catch phrases and niche minority demographics to branch into or specialize.

I've never known a theatre festival nor a film festival that was produced for picking winners or casting best of award placards. Is this norm or am I truly just that fringe of a human with a fringe career in art? I've yet to mention fringe science but there's a whole show on the subject with an IMDB and everything so #suckit

*pss.. when I use re instead or er for theater it means I'm referring to stagecraft opposed to cinema. example: Shakespeare is theatre, Spielberg makes movies for a silver screen that's hung in a theater.. usually I tend to not be pretentious and admit I'm American, not European but on rare occasions when it becomes necessary I instantly revert for distinction, as do all those who have been trained in acting or get paid to deal with actors

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