May 22, 2007

prince of wands

okay so I'm making my prediction so I can say I told ya so. Side note- I think I have a new msg.r stalker and I'm absolutely not referring to you Marco- you're a fabulous fairy tale daydream (strictly coherently creative, grounded and harmless- human not idolistic, with not the slightest notion of an expectation. Nothing but respect k!) that's welcomely distracting me a tiny bit from the agonizing acceptance phase of a failed recent relationship that I want to fight with the passion of a religion or something but know, like a religion, is doomed to not save anybody. I only have like 5-8 "friends" on LJ btw all most entirely strangers that I thankfully can thus be myself with, not that I'm hiding much... sphinx! Hmm, what was I writing about? Oh there's something going on around now with I wrote "statue of liberty girl and her prince were walking down stream" before having coffee maybe 3 years ago that I believe has to do with the formula yhvh, suit of wands obviously. Any insight appreciated C93! I've been meaning to write you but there's too much to fit in one email and I'm not sure where to start rambling and if I start Will I end... Hell, I'm not sure if I'm going or coming. I have a theory about the backside of the same tree but I'm still tragically romantic with a martyr complex at times, others so completely tired and jaded. That just reminded me of JC Superstar, love that stupid movie!

Hey Thanks for being Alive All of You! 93/93/93

Dialogue be damned

Whenever I reflect upon my short comings, paranoid thinking due to incidents of abuse in my formative years that shattered my trust, and the...