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Feb 3, 2017

Defining Fringe Theater or Art in General

When my insomnia turns or decides to try and be productive and DO something, this is what happens: 

All while trying to write a new business description for Heartsinpyre Entertainment, I wondered if "fringe" might be a good new buzz word #hashtag to describe our services since we are not a big top circus, nor theater company, nor catering service... but now I'm considering re-writing or writing an edit for the wikipedia article for "fringe theatre" because the one I found that currently exists is completely biased sounding and vastly incorrect to the best of my own personal knowledge, understanding, and experience which of course could be incorrect...?

From what I understand, using the term "fringe" to describe any artist, artistic form or format (theater, film, dance, sculpture, etc), art piece/product/ production or event and even when including a collection such work (fringe festival) means it is anything adding to the periphery of mainstream. The term is reserved for works inspired by a form but not held to that form in every aspect of it's traditionally known restraints in that of structure, staging, content, creation, character, flow, format or follow through, dialogue or delivery, principle or purpose, and particularly that of participating entities be they part of the contributing body or audience receiving in terms of role, idea, education, expression, compensation, and level of experience. Fringe theater can be all plot, and no story line.. Waiting for Godot fits this precisely. Or fringe theater may lack a script, a stage, a character, a cause, a concept, or purpose which doesn't mean it is less than what was meant by it. Lacking safe solid traditional structure does not automatically mean it was produced by bad artists, or strictly amateurs, nor under funded companies, nor poorly screened art collectives. The writer or the found wiki page seems to think "fringe theatre" is like "community theatre" only without auditions so anybody can play a role and get paid even less for doing it which of course is possible in theater it's called a "stipend".

In short "fringe" is anything on the outskirts of mainstream. 

It's not the main freeway but a contributory stream. It's not opening on Broadway, but it is musical theater in a box with an imaginary 4th wall or people may not sing at all because that's realistic which may or may not add or subtract to its entertainment value and fanatical or financial success or sudden death. Just think once upon a time some crazy person thought what if we miniaturized the *theatre stage and multiplied them into take home mini-boxes. Yup, television was fringe once and it had nothing to do with budget limits, bad writing, bad plots, bad concepts that fail to congeal or turn into mush we call abstract art. Not by a long shot! It was just fringe entertainment possibilities outside the realm of mainstream theatre that didn't stick to a traditional theatre format when it changed mediums because it evolved. Radio, however didn't change story telling from single read novels or playwright read scripts. Honestly the writer of the subject wiki link seems to only think in terms of "festivals" which makes me believe they're an amateur film director instead of having anything to do with theatre or else they're a union grip. My reason for this is personal experience with trying to write/direct/and stage my own production and coming to the conclusion that it's impossible to get an art grant unless you're already rich enough to not need it and bored enough to start your own non-profit to pool your wealth into exorbitant corporate shaped systems where you develop volunteer programs to save you money on paying artist so you can employ a herd of non-acting union workers because you think in terms of building railway lines and not in connecting people with art. Employees of bureaucracies seem to focus solely on finding it in their budget to hire an assistant to their work for them which was given to them by their superior who was never assigned to do anything for the City but the budget of the department. How many people does it require to comprise of an art festival jury or to determine the winner of an annual grant? Why do I get a weekly newsletter about non-profit art organizations that only issue one grant per year but constantly announce new program titles and administrative hires to over see them which typically requires them to hire a social media intern, marketing assistant, blah blah blah.. communications specialist to write a new newsletter about all the meetings and conventions they are having for admins to talk about more hashtag catch phrases and niche minority demographics to branch into or specialize.

I've never known a theatre festival nor a film festival that was produced for picking winners or casting best of award placards. Is this norm or am I truly just that fringe of a human with a fringe career in art? I've yet to mention fringe science but there's a whole show on the subject with an IMDB and everything so #suckit

*pss.. when I use re instead or er for theater it means I'm referring to stagecraft opposed to cinema. example: Shakespeare is theatre, Spielberg makes movies for a silver screen that's hung in a theater.. usually I tend to not be pretentious and admit I'm American, not European but on rare occasions when it becomes necessary I instantly revert for distinction, as do all those who have been trained in acting or get paid to deal with actors

Oct 26, 2016

Let there always be never ending Light!

Become a patron on my patreon account for less than a cup of coffee per month, help me achieve to the stars!

Namaste. 93

Mar 5, 2016

Copyright Infringement on YouTube and Public Domain

My response to this fantastic article on the title subject: (read first ~ )

photo: a live "air duet" or lip sync performance by me and Garth from Airpocalypse aka burlesque performer "Les Manley" copyright of photographer and in video form would be media owner of the musical content selection who is not Cyndi Lauper and The Hives...

If I had a nickel for every video uploaded onto YouTube in just one hour of one day, properly invested and carefully handled, I could live out the rest of my days on earth without being required to do labor for my food & shelter and thus survival. But unfortunately I am just an artist and original content creator who's talent almost entirely relies on collaborating with other artists or licensing content, gaining their permission, or claiming fair use of the copyrighted content of my videos based on the fact that my audience is viewing them strictly to see my artistic interpretation of any other copyrighted work I might use as my muse at any given moment and not to listen to my audio playing in the background. I am a dancer, choreographer, actor, and theatrical performing artist which means I am possibly the epitome of legally screwed when it comes to copyright laws because technically if it's not my camera and is a public performance I don't own it, and if it is my camera because I'm smart.. but there's any sound whatsoever picked up on my video footage like a 20 year old Depeche Mode song on the radio of my next door neighbor's house, some huge ass media conglomerate corporation (and not the band btw) automatically is set up to receive my $ buck and some change each month if I don't want to or can't afford to pay my legal fees in court. Actually it pivots on the likelihood that I'm too dumb or scared to know that my choreography or expressed opinion and therefore authored statement to which I'm free to publish and distribute for profit all I'd like provided there is a demand for it and simply not contest it and allow them to take all the revenue just feeling lucky my YouTube account isn't in jeopardy because that would be embarrassing and if I lost my gmail or something I'd cease to exist entirely and die from starvation or my lack of social media attention ~ *omg the horror!!? Heh

THE SYSTEM IS BEYOND BROKEN.. AND WE HAVE A HELL OF A CLASS ACTION SUIT FOR RETURN OF OUR AD REVENUE actually.... Depeche Mode song 20 years old? Are they alive still? I agree after 20 years it should be public domain for public use without distribution rights (manufacturing and selling copies on a cd rebranded as nostalgia). Even "top secret" military classification expires after 50 years and despite the origin of any pop culture icon it eventually becomes the public's reaction to it more than it ever was any kind of copyright-able content no matter how much was spent on the making of it! IT'S A MEME. 

Feb 27, 2015

Staging a Spectacle in Seattle 2015

I realized every time I've ever sat down and made an actual list of goals to achieve within a reasonable time frame, not being overly ambitious, but set it out there on paper.. I've always accomplished them! So one of my goals for this year is to stage a public improvised theatrical stunt or SPECTACLE inspired mostly by the work of NY based group Improv Everywhere.  You've probably heard of by now about the No Pants Light Rail that's happened 4 years in a row in Seattle? Well that's actually in sync with these guys as it's officially a global wide stunt/event. Here is just a tiny little taste of what their thing is all about ~

more videos available HERE!

So far I've considered the possibility of doing a "silent rave or disco", there's a whole slew of successfully tried/tested/and proven ones that the crew has done in NY and we would fully have their permission and endorsement to do.. and I just came across this idea that I absolutely LOVE also coming out of NYC and that's called ShakesBEER which combines 2 of my most favorite things in the world which is traditional Shakespeare & beer! I love how creator Ross Williams explains it here on ~

Might I suggest a rehearsal exercise? After every line add “Amiright?” and address it to someone in the room. “To be, or not to be, that is the question. Amiright?”

How they do it is they sell tickets in advanced so they have a controllable # of participants that probably helps sell it to bar owners but basically it's a pub crawl with a different act or scene performed at each bar. That would require a larger more dire hard committed group of helpers who not only must be as excited as me to take on this project but also talented  actors as well so this one might be ambitious at my current state of community though... 

BTW.. if you live around the PNW and you'd like to get involved on one of my projects or have any ideas or thoughts to contribute to creatively sussing out what we should do..


Jun 10, 2014


  "As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being."  ~ Goethe

  Another day, another struggle.. and we wouldn't have it any other way now would we? If we would then it would be but it would be lacking in the fundamental beauty we have grown to perceive as the perseverity and strength we need to be pleased with ourselves and admire in others. So mote it be, you see?

May 2, 2014

Love is (sex) Art

So rad!!! Someday I'll come up with an idea like that and make enough $ to just fuck in paint on canvases everyday for the rest of my life! That's a life goal if I ever had one ;)

Dec 12, 2011

Today is the day..

...that I made the Sun come out inside of me! Hey look, it's shining down on you, and everyone I see. Hold a grudge though and you will see a cloud but that Sun is shining no matter what you see. Let the rain come and tomorrow you'll see. The Sun will shine until we are free ~

image from


Nov 4, 2011

whither the Demoness wails

There is no other day or night than this.
Thou shalt inspire the proud ones with infinite pride,
and the humble ones with an ecstasy of abasement;
all this shall transcend the Known and the Unknown

Thou art like a lonely pillar in the midst of the sea;
there is none to behold Thee
I too am the Soul of the desert;
thou shalt seek me yet again in the wilderness of sand.
Even as evil kisses corrupt the blood,
so do my words devour the spirit of man.

I breathe, and there is infinite dis-ease in the spirit.
Thou hast fastened the fangs of Eternity in my soul,
and the Poison of the Infinite hath consumed me utterly.

Then, O then call not to thy view that visible
Image of Nature; fatal is her name!
It fitteth not thy Body to behold
That living light of Hell,
The unluminous, dead flame,
Until that body from the crucible
Hath passed, pure gold!

There is a beauty unspeakable in this heart of corruption,
where the flowers are aflame.

Ah me!
The thirst of Thy joy parches up this throat,
so that I cannot sing.
Beckons, and with inverted torch doth stand
To lead us with a gentle hand
Into the Land of the Great Departed,

Into the Silent Land, I came to the house of the Beloved.
Therefore Thou art mine, even now and for ever and for everlasting. Amen.

Oct 6, 2011

cup of babalon

Back in 1996 I drew the Queen of Cups card and I've only now understood how it compares to my birthchart. "This Queen reminds you of the power you have to not just be who you are, but understand who you are and who you could be." ~Helen Howell

Aug 9, 2011

Gigs, gigs, gigs!

Tonight! Then Fri or Sat (gotta check) gig in the Bremerton area, Mike's friend's party of something to that extent.. Then Mon 8/15 ~

Then.. Aeterno Elementum III pay what you can ~
Then hopefully I'll get back to working on GSBL!!

Jul 21, 2011

this is life.. not just a photograph

Life is ridiculous! I'm currently stressing out of my mind trying to put together the most inspiring, believable, responsible, and effective application for the funding of an art project while the US government is approximately 2 weeks away from being completely broke... In the meantime I myself, who is also generally broke, am ignoring that fact to the extent of blowing off the few rare opportunities that actually have presented themselves this week to make enough money to comfortably live through this process (beer, cigarettes, food etc.. what? I'm an artist and I'm stressed!).. Why? Because it's a calling! Because I'm a fatalist.. Because it's not about me! Apparently I want to save the world more than I want to live on it.. Why? Because it's not worth living on if none are willing to sacrifice themselves for the greater good of their fellow man. That is the calling! That is why this art project to me has precedence over everything.. Because I believe it has the power to effect changes so great that it will stir awake a dormant level of the collective consciousness causing an evolutionary leap in the social art experiment, bridging the aspects of ourselves that tend to have a magnetic force field pushing against them. I know this project will make me whole. I know that if I lead a whole life by example others will follow suite. Why? Because I have a dream.. and in a world like this one sometimes a dream is the only thing you have that makes a single lick of sense therefore it is the most sensible gift to give no matter how unrealistic it appears against the background of everything else. Dreams happen for a reason and mine most often really do come true but not from wishing upon a star, but by being one! Every man and woman is a star forever blazing a path to eternity.. even when a brick fucking wall has been built in the center of it, just got lay it down. When there's nothing left at hand, still got to lay it down. Will you then get the funding for your art project? I don't know, I think I need to lay down and nap... but I'm not tired! I'm not dead yet! The time is at hand!

Just Sage

Btw for more info on my play/art project stay tuned to the feed at or LIKE  Namaste. Blessed be. So mote we be, free... LUX OM PAX 93 93/93

Dialogue be damned

Whenever I reflect upon my short comings, paranoid thinking due to incidents of abuse in my formative years that shattered my trust, and the...