Apr 3, 2010

there's a crack in the vault of heaven

Astrologers can manipulate time?!?! 

Nah, but Alexander perhaps... (?!) .. This guy's just an idiot like all the rest of shepherds who are blinder than the flock they think is following their directions instead of itself:

The difference between Sidereal Astrology and Tropical has NOTHING to do with the SEASONS.. It doesn't matter whether it's Spring or Fall when the Sun enters Aries anymore than it matters whether it's day or night.. the Sun is still in Aries whether it's too bright to see its neighboring stars. The major difference between Tropical and Sidereal Astrology is whether you follow the calendar like it's a road map of the intergalactic freeway and cruise control is effective OR whether you navigate sea of space by the stars still!!! See just like the planet tilts 60 degrees as it revolves around the sun each year our whole solar system does as well while it revolves around the galactic center.. it's called a wobble yeah? Well guess what you'd find out if you pulled out a boat transit and looked at the constellation maps?? THE CALENDER IS OFF BY 23 DEGREES!!! So.. now ya understand why we're breaking so many weather records this year!? How long have we been keeping record of the weather anyhow hmm?! About 2300 years or so perhaps? So there's @1 degree variation every hundred years or so and/or not 365 days a year. Wonder what else we haven't been bothering to pay attention to......  Sheep. Bah!


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