Jul 3, 2011


This is the dream I remembered this morning and am recording it here for the purpose of a group Interpretive Dream Narrative experiment I'm participating in with friends from the Paranormal Society on Facebook...

  I was sitting in a very small (only 2 rows) theater on an island chowing down on a bag of sun chips thinking "I hope my date doesn't come back or at least doesn't expect me to move to the inside seat because I'm claustrophobic.." I believe it was intermission maybe because I seemed otherwise cozy and settled in to my seat but the only show happening was this guy who started freaking out about the fact that his parents will be here at any moment. Even though it was 2am already apparently he had gotten word that they were spotted coming over on the ferry.. Oh, and the guy was Clarke Kent from Smallville...

Good luck, Ken! :)

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