Oct 6, 2011

Bank Robbers of America

I got 2 different emails from friends this morning forwarding me this link to a news article about a petition to stop Bank of America's new $5 a month charge for using the debit card they issue for free since everyone I know knows how extremely unhappy I've been with feeling like my bank is trying to kill me (starving to death w/$100 in overdraft fees to pay off before I get back to $0 and can then buy food etc..) It's gone beyond the point of petitioning...  


In addition to the $5 a month for having a debit card and using it they are also charging $2 every time you use a non-BoA atm (that's in addition to the $2-3 atm machine's fee), charging $12 a month for checking and $5 a month for savings(!) if you don't maintain a daily average balance of $1500 for checkings, and a min of $300 in savings plus if you make more than 3 withdrawals or transfers in/out of savings you're charged a $3 excessive withdrawals fee ~ OMFG!!!?

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