Feb 3, 2012


Letter to the Washington State Health Care Authority (HCA) who only recognizes five formulations of medications in the treatment of addictions: Suboxone, buprenorphine, Campral, naltrexone and Vivitrol IM.

Dear HCA,

I would like to request or suggest that Buproprian be added to the list of recognized for use in Medication Assisted Treatment of cocaine, methamphetamine (MA), and nicotine addiction. ADATSA (Alcoholism and Drug Addiction Treatment and Support Act) is currently stifled by the fact that patients enrolled have to apply for additional Medical assistance after already waiting a month for their ADATSA assessment and benefits to go into effect because their chemical dependency is considered a behavioral problem. One of the reasons why MA use has escalated to an epidemic of epic proportions is this ill conceived notion that it is only a psychological addiction instead of a physical one. The difference between a psychological and physically addictive substance is the primary organ effected by it's use, heart or brain. Psychological addictions are not overcome by coaching an addict to think differently because the substance does not alter their brains by merely coaxing them to behave badly. MA profoundly alters the chemistry of the brain effecting the whole central nervous system! Just because a person can technically still be alive without brain function opposed to clinically dead if their heart stops which is the risk of ceasing opiate and alcohol intake, does not mean that the person has any less of a problem! If pharmaceuticals can treat or reduce the damage caused to a stimulant user's brain then they should be every bit as available since they suffer an increased debilitation in function if prolonged. Opiate users only confront their fear of a periodic painful discomfort trying to stop opposed to an unaided, involuntary lack of control of their decisions. The brain is complex chemistry, the heart is only a muscle...

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