Nov 13, 2013

aztec nagual bird deities

1XiuhtecuhtliLord of FireDiamond BlueHummingbird
2TlaltecuhtliGod of theEarthEmerald Green Hummingbird
3ChalchiutlicueGoddess of the WatersRoyal Hawk
4TonatiuhGod of theSunBeneficentQuail
5TlazolteotlGoddess ofLoveExpansive Eagle
6TeoyaomiquiGod of the FallenWarriorMighty Screech Owl
7XochipilliGod of MaizeBrilliantButterfly
8TlalocGod of RainThe Golden Eagle
9QuetzalcoatlGod of ofWindThe ProudTurkey
10TezcatlipocaGod of BountyThe HornedOwl
11MictlantecuhtliGod of the UnderworldThe Mighty Macaw
12TlahuizcalpantecuhtliGod of SunriseThe Long-Tailed Quetzal
13IlamatecuhtliGoddess of the SkiesThe Rainbow Parrot

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