Mar 4, 2015

Words I LOVE ~

 These are a few of my favorite words:

  • apotheosis 
  • epiphany
  • cantankerous 
  • cacophony
  • metaphor
  • gnosis
  • demassify*
  • auger 
  • effulgent
  • thaumaturge* 
  • triskaidekaphobia* ~ fear of number 13
  • pyrophoric* 
  • frenetic 
  • bombastic
  • bibliophile 
  • vespertide* 
  • cryptesthesia*
  • epitome 

*interesting spellcheck says that these are incorrect but it even says that "spellcheck" is incorrect and I triple checked my spelling at the site below to be sure that I in fact am correct... so meh.

This post brought to you with the aide of my favorite and most useful website ~ 

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