Oct 24, 2006

Omar El Flambe

This is one of my all time most favorite people to have ever walked the planet. I have never met anyone so extremely talented yet completely humble and honestly sincere. Not only that but somehow it was possible for him to still be confident enough to go out on a limb to bring out the potential in everyone he met. He looked into me and saw what I wasn't even remotely aware of yet, the potential I not only lacked the confidence to bring out but hadn't even dreamed of owning a slight possibility. Yet even at that level of inferiority my ideas, and perspective was not only heard and considered but treated as critical material for the performance we were working on as each and all involved were equally expressing what they had to offer. Jeff was always the star even when he didn't want to be for a change. He was so brilliant! I will honestly say all of my best leadership skills can from working with him. It is possible to be entirely the best person around but not treat everyone as beneath you, then encourage them to be their best so the whole group is dynamic instead of competitive and drawn into some underlying cast system where there's no goal to aspire to. Jeff was that good, he had no need to prove anything but inspire, express, and spread discord in that cosmic trigger way- that much I at least I was tuned into. It was winter 97/98 and I was just getting the fever for this new world of performance art- working with FIRE but I had no idea it was going to change my life completely. Jeff Thomas looked me in the eye and saw that light which isn't all pixy sticks and puppies, but the burning relentless passion to ignite a revelation. This is the soul who was not the one who handed me the torch but the one who set it on fire! Jeff Thomas taught me how to eat and breath fire while insisting on keeping one foot in the water at all times. LOL! It was half a joke on my fire momma/ bossy big sister's overly anal (which I'm very thankful to have instilled in me for balance btw) and the other half made it a ritual. A ceremony not unlike other ancient sacred tribal initiations where the high priest opens the door to the mysteries for one of his few chosen apprentices. I'm getting heavy and sounding silly- we were drinking beer, smoking desert weed, mostly high on adrenaline, and it was the most alive I had ever felt in my life. The next day I got my fez (Moorish Orthodox Fire Shrine)! I don't think I ever told him just how thankful I am that he and Rich came to that gig in Phoenix on my birthday because they heard there was some fire women coming into town but he didn't need to hear me. He was like a buddha content with service yet pushing the limits of perception constantly. Intensely present like a single flame of a candle with the roar of ocean waves crashing down on what tries remain immoveable. I truley respected him more than any other human being born which is why he's gone to paradise on vacation with front row seats to the biggest cirque du soliel show ever! For me it will be the best performance in history just because he's watching and believes in me. You might as well be walking on the sun Jeffe..


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