May 26, 2008

Ordeal X


"Body of the infinite dark abode,
Dwell all with true purpose, profound,
In the dark depths of sister Luna."

"Proclaim the work of the holy,
Great method of the divine, descend,
Transformation brings the light of brother Sol."

"Meticulous method sharp and deep,
Matter to begin,
Motion to comprehend."

"Do What Thou Wilt."

Science the means: Art the mode,
Doubt to seize the timid and chain the weak,
Unfold the eight seals and place upon the breast,
The ritual equipped begins with privileged deeds.

Make loud the expression, Ring!
And raise high the Circle!
And charge the crooked Square!
And invoke the marked Triangle!

Intent with fervor do punish by scourge.
Then let loose the smoke, ah smell.
Then the incorporeal spirits do conjure.
To facilitate a temple holy and secure.

Blast illusion with one eye.
Purge the dogs of reason with the other.
Grand turn round, round, wicked deceptions.
And open the third eye within, great sin.

"Past unknown in a starry blue,
Wanton watching forlorn,
Plague the giant till burst,
Waning beat of holy center,
Cure the devil foot atop,
Shrine of never-more!"

"The battle fought and done,
Mighty feet tread the way,
Put down with fire and might,
Muck and mess that threatens
The victorious!"

The Fool is unknowing motion,

Madness is clarity of matter,

Do-thing roots under the land,

No-thing runes upon the land,

"Light to blind the unwary,
Life to torture the unwanted,
Love to confuse the unworthy,
Liberty to constrain the uninvited,"

"The Law and the path of the righteous"

Stones of precious water
Ultimate sparks of the intimate fire

"Broken mirror on the floor,
No more reflections to abhor,
Seek not to gaze and muse,
Stagnant symbol ever confuse."

"Stand high atop a cloudy peak,
Above the timid and the meek,
The mid day of glory bright,
Work the will of might and right!"

93 93/93

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