May 10, 2008

anima solis

So I started practicing LBRP.. and the Middle Pillar Ritual... yep.

But I still say if you want to celebrate a pagan holiday and invite your friends to perform some kind of ritual to acknowledge the changing winds and ask for blessings on your way do what you will! By that I mean research, acknowledge, and understand the traditions of the past then incorporate and create your own new tradition however feels right to you as long as you respect your heritage & that of those sharing with you plus listen to your heart to guide you.

I say the aeon of the proud and conquering child of war and lust for power is ending. Don't believe me then you will hear me roar! The only thing worth conquering is yourself. What has your power run out? Do you need to feed on others doubts? Silly child it's an infinite source all right there within you. Yes all the fear and beauty you know is your own creation. You are alone. You are more than you can imagine. You are everything! Don't be jealous, nor proud, nor have pity on anybody. You are why they suffer and they are why you suffer. Do you think you might have forgot something somewhere along the line but kept going anyway until suddenly you realize you don't know where you're going but you kept on following but that didn't make you all that happy being behind somebody so you started pretending you know where we're going to get some followers since they made you feel like you were right but deep down inside you hide what you will never show because it hurts too much to know you are out of control...

STOP. The way out is the way in. Look within. Please.


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