May 28, 2010

life on mars

Personal Daily Horoscope - Astrodienst

I dreamed this morning that I was helping my new soon to be domestic partner (fictional) move in when the axle on his truck broke and the trailer came unhitched and collided w/the front of my building shattering glass.. We went in for a little bit to get a number, make a call etc. then someone knocked on the door and said to get out, now! Then I watched from the street along with other single neighbors spread out around me as the whole building collapsed 9/11 style dropping to our knees and letting out wails to various degrees according to our attachments to our belongings and our willingness to accept life altering.. I let go of everything trusting the universe to embrace me but my kitty is my responsibility, my familiar so I ran towards it to see if I could get her to come to the window as the ground level gave way to the debris on top of it and cave in...

Horrifying! and perplexing! without the astrological reference explained in the link above!! ASTROLOGY MAKES SENSE OF THE MYSTERIES, FOLKS ;) I'd truly be baffled without it, indeed. Today Mars in my 4th house & the Moon is conjunct my natal Neptune which is opposed to Mars near my rising = emo dreams about home.. Dreams are symbolic sketches of the psyche and is astrology is the language of these symbols as our psyche adapts to the perpetually changing environment it exists in constantly...

So yay.. On with my day ~ AMDEF! I'd almost rather die than go to Heaven but I must express my disdain on stage, I guess.. so I will! It's gonna be epic.. always! everyday! to entertain the masses & be a catalyst for scientific illumination of the human race aka joy!


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