Dec 12, 2015

Top 3 Reasons why Women don't Respond to you on Tinder

Reasons Why Girls Don't Respond on Tinder

1.) We have too many options. Apparently the male to female ratio on Tinder is around 10 to 1. This means for every match you acquire she just acquired 10 new matches to try to respond to. In 3 days I acquired 37 new matches and I'm using a cheater app where I can flip through candidates without having to make a final decision to try to SLOW DOWN the process. Men on the other hand use cheater apps to try to increase their matches by liking large quantities at a time. If a woman was to do this she would easily have over a hundred matches by a week no matter how attractive she is or isn't but as you guys know, if she were to attempt to converse with all of them yet is not attractive she would be unmatched or ignored as men aren't any better than we are at responding on there even having far less quantity to have to deal with. 

2.) You didn't give us enough of a hook to lure us in either your profile blurb or your personal intro to us or both. Let's see.. you climb mountains, go fishing, like football (GO HAWKS!), enjoyed a day on a boat once, like the outdoors, are adventurous, you're new to Seattle (like 30,000 other tech workers) have a car, and a job (we got it), a bunch of friends, a hot ex, are totally happy with yourself so you're quite the catch, aren't you? You and precisely 80% of the other men who are also hot in sunglasses and baseball caps or sunglasses with beards. You're smart, do the math! For every message you send we have to respond to 10. That means we need to use discernment and after the 4th or 5th "Hey! How's it going?" that has nothing interesting or different for a subject which we can attempt to strike up an actual reasonably real conversation, we're out! No more "Hi. Pretty good, dude. How are you?" 

3.) You didn't give them good enough pictures to be able to tell what you really look like. Sure, a little mystery is alluring. A side profile staring in the sunset, a hot body jumping off a cliff, a painting presumably yours since you claim to be an artist, another backlit profile artsy image of band playing live and presumably the forefront microphone passionately singing one is you though the hair is different from the first image. We're interested! Musicians are hot! But why did you not give us an honest, normal, well lit, head on, semi close up/selfie (not mirror selfie body with your phone blocking your face) range shot? This is pretty much a minor form of catfishing, we'll call it jellyfishing: pretty from a distance but guaranteed to have a stinger somewhere. 

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