Sep 30, 2017

MK Ultra and recreational drug use

And suddenly it seems so obvious after a conversation with my doctor about why I refuse to consider taking a low dose anti-psychotic before sleep. Anti-psychotic is an inaccurate term though if a person is having racing thoughts that are delusional it will make them stop but what the drugs are really neuro-tranquilizers. All recreational drug use has entered our society as a result of the MK Ultra mind control experiments. Ketamine, sometimes called kitty tranq and the K-hole when you fall into a deep fugue and don’t remember what happened to you is a prime example of this being true. If you had no skills in hypnosis and wanted to experiment with embedding something deep into a person’s subconscious, the use of a tranquilizer would be the obvious method. LSD is certainly a reality lubricant but it is too creative and complex and unpredictable where a person’s mind will go on it and can not be easily influenced nor accurately predicted what final new concept will be adopted by the psyche or composted and left. Meth amphetamine, a neuro-stimulant, was first used to make soldiers hyper-vigilant so it’s easy to see why a victim would be psychologically addicted to using it in an attempt of self defending their fragile but naturally self reorganizing mind from outside influence. I’ll modify that statement of “all” drugs because marijuana and heroin have been around much longer than these other designer chemicals and have some valid medical use in addition to the relaxing or numbing effects, the latter one being of a death wish whether the pain is real or inflicted by outside stimulus and of physical or mental/moral/emotional nature seems to matter not in the slightest. I only know that anything that makes me feel unglued to my body is not of any interest to me personally and this is why I’ve always refused to adopt the blanket notion of being an “addict”. I have perfect control over my alcohol consumption within reason meaning no one has control after a certain amount of consumption but that is precisely the state I avoid because of accidental alters stepping in to navigate them.

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