Sep 11, 2017

Mr. Big

I'm shocked and appalled at what I now see as the Big picture of how law enforcement goes about making assumptions and then vainly isn't capable of admitting when they're wrong. 

It's understandable to every American worker who's been say a project manager, the notion of spending huge amounts of company dollars, in this case tax payer money.. on a project that is not going to meet deadline nor ever have something to show for it. That is a tremendous amount of work stress and we all can see how a person could become offensive when faced with their own job/livelihood or an invested in suspect's to be adamant in pursuit of conviction, but that doesn't make it justice! In fact, that's so far from justice that it shouldn't even be legal: Professionally trained in psychological mind control tactics federal undercover agents presenting as scary ass mobsters with guns to sheltered teenagers who have seen enough movies to go along with whatever is necessary to stay on Mr. Big's good side because we all know (in the make believe movie Al Pacino world) what happens if you piss a mob boss off!

I just watched a Netflix documentary called The Confession Tapes. It's about two teenage boys who came back home to Bellevue after a night spent on the town in Seattle, or well sorta since they weren't 21 they ended up at Hurricane like we all did.. to find a horrific murder of one of their parents and sister. The police instantly made them the prime suspects and ignored other evidence of a Muslim extremist group hit put on this family. There's nothing reasonable about the boys behavior because there shouldn't be such thing as a reasonable expected behavior for anyone who's been through such trauma! The RCMP (the boys & family were all from Canada and only recently moved to Bellevue and the boys were on summer break from college visiting) went undercover as mobsters to coerce a confession from them which viewed in the right context is obviously incorrect and implausible.. stuff like "we threw the evidence out the window, idk fuck."

Here's the interesting part I'm going to add: The documentary goes to great lengths to claim that this method or tactic of undercover police work referred to as "Mr. Big" is illegal and not used in the US. I've met a Mr. Big twice in my life and the first time I was a teenager only 16 years old and Mr. Big forced me to do a line of cocaine to prove that I was "cool" or not a "narc". I had a rule back then that I will try or experiment with any drug (pot, acid, mushrooms) EXCEPT heroin or cocaine (hadn't heard of meth yet or it would be on the list too). At first I said "no" but there were guns laying on the table or on these guys belts because of course they were cops!! I'd never been around guns growing up so I WAS SCARED. I did my first line of cocaine, breaking my own intelligently set and decided upon rules, at 16 yo at the hand of people who are being paid tax dollars to serve & protect me all to not blow their cover. When you're a teenager these lines drawn in the sand are fundamental to how you see yourself as a person. The difference between a good girl and a slut drawn at your waistline cuz 2nd base is fine but not 3rd. At 16 already breaking my own rule proved to be a lifelong detrimental occurrence when I got to 23 and faced once again the decision to do or not to do hard drugs. I'm lucky though because I've only spent 24 hours in jail unlike the boys who are the exact same age as I. 1995 was also my first year in college and treading the weird world of being an adult that I still haven't quite figured out... 

What's normal when there's people out to get you as if you're always at war with the cops or the system and minding your defense despite being a good person without wrongful intent?

The 2nd time in my life I met a Mr. Big in the US of A you can read about here in this article in The Stranger by Brendan Kiley called The Long Con.

Atif Rafay and Sebastian Burns were convicted based on their coerced confessions to the undercover Mr. Big mafioso new friend who forced himself on them and right off the bat started systematically working to convince them that admitting to a crime of murder would make them loyal and trustworthy to him. They are both serving triple consecutive sentences of life without parole for a the murder of Atif's entire family. Is there anything more contrary or precisely the exact opposite of JUSTICE? I truly think not. They have been put into solitary confinement. I and my friend Rick have been investigated for terrorism, not the Muslim extremist organizations!! I, nor they, nor Rick have ever done anything wrong but go about our lives doing the best that we could with whatever may confront us. I'm a little broken though inside and out. 😢💔👨🏼‍✈️👏🏻😳

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