Oct 31, 2017

How to go from Green to Brown Hair in 20 min!

I absolutely LOVE wearing any shade of aqua, turquoise, and/or dark teal green hair!! For the photo above, I did a few bleach washes to get to an light orange color and used Manic Panic Voodoo Blue. But I was a little low on funds and accepted a Shiftgig freelance shift for a Microsoft event at the Convention Center without even thinking about the possibility of a dress code. The night before I worked and went to look over the event details to prepare to be in uniform (black collared shirt & black slacks ~ no visible tattoos and only natural colored hair!?) Uh oh 😱

So I got up plenty early that morning and ran to the drug store in search of a red temporary hair color to cover up & counter balance the green. I was hoping for one of those “shampoo in” colors that last until the next time you wash your hair varieties almost like the halloween hair spray crap but they only had it in brown which won’t work at all and only make the green a darker forest green so I had to buy a semi-permanent Colorista red which is going to stick around a couple weeks at least, in fact I think I’ll have to start over with a bleach shampoo if I want my green back but we’ll see...

20-30 min later I have a boring basic reddish dark brown and they never knew how close I was to showing up all to get sent back home with negative marks on my future shift eligibility. It 100% worked and the secret is using a true red (not mahogany brown but straight primary colored red) and it turns a nice warm brown easy as pie.

Cheers ~ Asraiya

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