Dec 13, 2006


gonna beat your machinegun
and the wicked gonna walk on the sun
Soul Jah to the beat of the ocean
go home it’s time to go home
your heart’s gonna outlive the crumbling stones
the beggar’s thrones and the fire breathers
for the storm that’s coming is a long time gone
on the wings of a dragon song
and the true believers
my soul does roam
your withering peaks as a stallion
my soul does roam
your springtime meadows
as a promise
of the day gone by
in the lonely eagles eye
this well is never gonna run dry
I cry my soul into thee
moss vines the standing stones
and our road home
does seam so long and far
to the other shore
for your heart is the compass
mind is the oars
and life is like an ocean wave
only faith to take
and mighty in it’s wake
and your medicine bag will fit
only our hopes our dreams
my love it seams
that you make it real to me
I drink in your skin
bathe in the scent of thee
I would swim your blood
and myself win
to the symphony skies
within your soul windows
drip the mossy root
and the ocean wavers
my own heartbeat tortures me
the torment and rage of serenity
the release and peace of surrender
and the dagger hidden there
the black bear struggling to splendor
in the mirror face you dare
to the oceans of time
you find behind my eyes
and greet the ghosts
and dance in the fires
of letting go
for the strings that lead
I guess we never know
the ghosts on the edge of your smile
my feet in ten thousand miles
and the road that we walk here
all find it painted on my fear
and the cloak that my heart wears
my mother’s cares
the ship is tossed and green fields grow
us innocence cost to the river flowing
the deep of my veins
through my pyre and my rains
my flames and pillows
my river of tears
worn ragged by the sands of time
born again by this timeless rhyme
cast me to the lions
when my dragon flies as a hummingbird
speak not a word
just try to believe in me
because I feel me reaching
from a mighty mighty distance
could it be that the ocean is between us
why are we not lost in each other’s arms
or love until exhaustion
a lone heart has no friends
the doves hope and the road ends
I cry cannot enough thee
show my love my depth
for I left the cliff before
only to find a distant shore
and I had to make my way back home
can I let go the crumbling throne
all shadows to be known
my loves all ingowned in roses
blooming everpresence
infinite in essence
lone rocks and sands of slipping
the staff of life with dreams dripping
can we escape the wrath
see through coyote’s masks
our own ragged hope to bend
my soul for you my friend
and all that is sought here
from the desert to the sea
as only the lonely eagle see
the wolf and the giant tundra
a river through the jungle
a child’s kite
God on a stormy moon within me
and I pray that you can find me
many hands the jester throws my way
but there is none as rare
as thee
my eyes of abalone
my soul does roam

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