Mar 13, 2010

dire straits


  Well I'm not going to pitch my case here and now about the empathic pre-cognitive skills I possess and have had to deal with since I was in my early 20's.. as a matter of fact the more I learn and understand about astrology the less inclined I am to even bother trying to explain anything and just know and accept my road map as one of particular perplexity of which such traits are a given... So for the past 24 hours I've been ill at ease, a feeling I'm well acquainted with at this stage to be another one of those premonitions that I can never quite explain nor point a finger towards the source exactly until it fades away completely and then various reports find their way to me eventually so that I can piece it all together and confirm my intuition in a most unsatisfactory retrospective claim. Did that even make a lick of sense to anybody? No expectations! All I'm trying to say really is that I've been plagued with a bad feeling, not necessarily devastating but a painful sense of insecurity, isolation, and loss that is not 100% my own but either that of someone who is close to me but not at present is suffering emotionally or perhaps it's not so attached to me personally but instead on a larger scale which is why it's struck such an intimate and deeply vulnerable place within me because it's more universally shared.. and then it could be a betrayal aimed at me directly and so I've already begun to detach and disassociate myself as a defense mechanism. I'm almost positive that this New Moon in Pisces will deliver some sort of news that's hard to accept and bear! Soon too I  believe because it's been dissipating rapidly ever since the Sun came up the last hour or so... Yeah it sounds crazy but I don't really care what you or whoever thinks about me because it doesn't change it one bit whether you dare to believe or judge me with or without waiting to see if there's a reason I went out on a limb just now! I still have to recognize and reconcile with whatever the hell it is that I feel and right now it's completely isolated and utterly alone while standing in the middle of  about a million people...

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